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Business Training

Once your business is up and running, it will not operate by itself. You and your staff will not only need to know how to do each of your own jobs but you will all need to know how to work together as a team to maximize efficiency and harmony.

A well-trained team, working together is the best guarantee of success for any business.

Individual Training

We can train your staff how to use Quickbooks or other software they will need to know to do their job.

We also offer executive training that can address hiring and firing issues, production monitoring, teamwork problems  and many other situations that  plaque management.


A workshop environment is a quick way to get a whole group up and running together.

Efficiency Workshop

Do you see your staff wasting time or standing around not knowing what to do next? How do you measure individual production so you really know who is getting something done?  This workshop will address these types of issues showing you and your staff how to increase efficiency and production.

Communication Skills Workshop

What is communication? How do we effectively talk to employees, employers, coworkers and, most importantly, customers? What are the individual skills needed to make personal relationships like these run smoothly.? You and your staff will get these questions answered and practice various skills needed to improve your communication with others.

Organizational Basics Workshop

What are the seven basic functions that all successful businesses have in common? How do you figure out who does what in an organization? This workshop will help you name out these seven functions for your organization as well as show each employee where he or she fits within the structure of the organization.

Sales Workshop

Sales can be said to be the ‘art of getting agreement’. Are your sales staff as successful as you would like?  How do good communication skills relate to sales? In this workshop, you and your staff will learn a simple four-step system for closing the sale on anyone.


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