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Business Set Up

The way your business is set up is very important. Whether you are just starting out or not, we will help you get organized or revise your existing system to best suit your needs.

An efficient and streamlined organization will save you time, money and lessen confusion.

Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts is a list of the various types of assets, liabilities, sources of income and expenses for your company. Many software programs already have a chart of accounts for your use. However, it is very easy to get carried away and make separate accounts for more categories than you really need.

Keeping your chart of accounts simple, streamlined and efficient is our goal. This will enable you to successfully and efficiently track and collect the information you need for reports and tax purposes.

Online Banking Procedures

Most banks and credit unions have made it possible to download all your accounts regularly without waiting for a statement to come in the mail. Knowing the exact balance in each account helps you plan your finances better and avoid late charges and overdraft fees. This will keep your credit in good standing as well.

We can help set up online banking arrangements with all your business and personal accounts. This would include checking, savings,  credit cards and loan accounts making it much easier for you to see exactly where you stand financially at any time.

Filing Systems

Files are the mind of an organization. What records you file and how you file them is vital to business sanity.

If you have ever spent hours looking for something that was either not filed or misfiled, you know how frustrating and time-consuming this can be.

We can help you decide what files you will need and how to organize them. We will set them up in your office or help you go paperless. With an accurate and adequate filing system, you will know where to file everything and how to retrieve anything you need quickly.

Office Organization

Office organization should flow from one work station to the next for maximum efficiency.

We can help you set up each work station to ensure all necessary supplies and equipment are within easy reach. In addition, we can identify unnecessary clutter and determine what should be stored and what should be discarded.

There are seven main functions any organization needs to be successful. By setting up the flow line of your office with these functions in mind, we can ensure that the production of your products and services flows efficiently from start to finish,

Software Programs

There are several software programs for accounting purposes as well as keeping track of your clients and other data bases that you may need. Using the best ones for your needs will keep your business running smoothly. The wrong one can not only be confusing and complicated but can be difficult for you and your staff to learn.

Most small businesses find Quickbooks to be sufficient for their needs. As a Quickbooks Pro Advisor, we will be able to set you up quickly and train you how to use this software. If you would rather have us do your bookkeeping for you, that can be arranged as well. We can advise you on any other software needs you may have as well, such as  security software and backup resources that are a must in today’s computer world



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